He is meticulous. Everything he did for you was done as if he were doing it for himself.
He is loyal. He was there when you needed him. No reason needed. No questions asked.
He is loving. Your words are words he would have never spoken about you, someone he loves.
He is intelligent. He knows the things that have been done. The things that have been said.
He is humble. He does not seek praise.
He is honest. He admits his mistakes and takes responsibility for his actions.
He is helpful. Even to strangers.
He is grateful. Even though many of you have turned your backs, he is grateful for all that he still has.
He is talented. His hands and mind can accomplish anything.
He is fierce. He will protect those he loves.
He is eloquent. He speaks lovingly of others.
He is dauntless. Why fear when you can live?
He is discouraged. He never asked you to choose.
He is dependable. He will do anything that needs to be done.
He is critical. He is much too hard on himself.
He is considerate. His needs are never met.
He is confident. He knows everything will be ok.
He is compassionate. He is trying to be a better person.
He is a brother, nephew, uncle, friend, co-worker. I have never heard him speak an unkind work about any of you. It is too bad that you can’t say the same thing about what you have said about him. He has seen your words.
He is human. Do not think for one second that those words did not hurt.


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