Let your eyes look directly forward…


Proverbs 4:25-27 tells us to keep our path straight, do not stray, do not swerve. The path is clearly in front of us. It is not hard to recognize. So why, so often, does my path take a different direction? Am I not paying enough attention to my feet? Am I distracted from the path?

I have let others dictate my path. Some are people that I have never met, others are people that I barely know. Why do they have an influence on my path? Why am I letting them push me from my path? How do I find the strength to push them away from me and get back on MY path. Good or bad, I will take a lesson from all those people who drift in and out of my life. Today is no different. Although the people that drifted into my life today did so on paper, I will try to take a lesson from them.

Today I learned that words hurt.


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