Start looking at the mail


If you are even thinking about getting a divorce there are things you should be doing. I am not talking about anything illegal or dishonest, but things to protect your assets, credit and future. Having a plan is not a bad idea. I can say for with great certainty, that if you and your spouse have even talked the slightest bit about divorce, he or she has already began thinking about a plan. And if you are a man, I can guarantee you that your wife has already formulated a plan and put it in motion. That is just the way women work. They will not leave one nest without having another ready…financially or otherwise. Trust me on this one.

So, you think you might get a divorce and you have no idea what you should do. Well let’s talk this through. Each week (I will do my best), I will post a step/idea/action of sorts to help you think about things. I am NOT an attorney. This is NOT legal advice. It is simply one divorced person talking to others. A “this is what I would do if it were me” thing…

Let’s start with the mail. Generally speaking, one spouse takes care of the finances. If you are NOT that spouse, start looking at your mail. If your spouse tells you not to worry about it when you ask for it…WORRY. They are probably hiding things they don’t want you to see. Things like bank statements, credit card statements, investments, retirement accounts, etc. Insist on seeing the mail every day. And don’t just glance at it. LOOK at it. Especially credit card statements. They will tell a story.

And then take pictures, copy or write down all of the return addresses, account numbers, and customer service phone numbers of any statements/investments/retirement accounts you have. Trust me, doing this one small thing will mean a lot if the day comes that you have to move out of your home. It is easier to to get what you need now, when you have access, than try to get it later, when someone else is keeping it from you.

So, today’s lesson…LOOK AT YOUR MAIL.


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