Monthly Archives: June 2012

If Pigs Could Fly


I shook my head when she put on her clothes that morning. Her pants are too short, her shirt does not match. But George looked at me and said…”she’s fine.” So off we went. They dropped me at volunteer training and they headed to the fountain. George and Carissa time. As I look at these photos I realize…her pants and shirt do not matter. It is all in the smile. Thank you George.




This is too good to be true. What is he thinking? Why do we hide ourselves? I am just not good enough. What did that mean? I should just walk away. I over compensate. I need to prove myself. My imagination is worse than the reality. I can’t believe I make this stuff up. I know he loves me. If only I could read his mind. I wish I could just go with the flow. Focus on the good. Be confident. I am only human. I am not perfect.